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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How far in advance do I need to book my pet in for a boarding stay?

This is the most popular question! The peak periods fill up fast. We are fully booked for Easter and Summer (June to end of August) at least 5 months in advance and for the Christmas period up to 7 months before. If you know your travel dates then call or email us to make a booking. It is never too early. We keep waiting lists for the peak periods in case of cancellation so you can add your pet to the list if we are already full.


2. How can I book my pet in to stay?

If your pet has not stayed with us before, the first thing you must do is register him or her with us by filling out either the cat or dog boarding form (click here). The form is submitted online and once we receive it you will get an email asking for your preferred boarding dates and requesting copies of your pets vaccination records. For peak periods (Christmas, Easter, Summer months & Eid holidays) we require a non-refundable 50% deposit to confirm the booking.

3. What can I bring when my pet is coming to board?

You can bring some items that your pet loves like a favourite toy, blanket or his bed so there are familiar things around him in his suite or condo. There is no need to bring in food bowls as we use our own stainless steel bowls for water & food as there are easy to sterilise after every feed. However if your pet is very fussy and will only eat from his/ her own bowl then you are welcome to hand it over. 


4. Can I bring my pets own food?

Absolutely! We do not want to make any changes to your pet’s diet so if you feed him something that is not on our menu then please bring enough food in for this stay.


5. My dog has never boarded or socialised with other dogs before. Have you got any advice?

We would recommend bringing your dog in for Doggie Daycare (initial assessment day) or for a short overnight stay (1 or 2 nights) before they board for a longer period so that they can get to know the facility, the staff and the routines. It also allows us to see the dog’s temperament and mix them with a play group.


6. Should my pet be neutered to enjoy a better boarding or Doggie Daycare experience?

It is not a strict rule but some non-altered males may be more dominant in packs and females in heat can cause tension and fights between male dogs. We can accommodate only a certain amount of non altered males at one time so availability cannot be guaranteed. We will not board any unneutered female dogs over the age of 7 months during peak boarding periods or we will not board them (or take for Daycare) at any time of the year if they are in heat or due to come into heat to prevent unnecessary stress on male boarding dogs and for obvious hygienic reasons. Please research and/or discuss with your vet the health & behavioural benefits of neutering your pet.


7. What is the Kennel Cough/ Canine Cough vaccine?

It is necessary for every dog that attends a boarding or daycare facility to have the Kennel Cough or Canine Cough vaccine. This is a live vaccine given by your vet. It protects against diseases that cause upper respiratory infections like Bordetella bronchiceptica (bacteria) and Parainfluenza and Adenovirus (viruses). There are different strains of the disease that exist and develop (similar to the human flu) so the vaccination cannot protect against all of them. However it can minimise the symptoms and help your dog better fight the disease if he does catch it. If your dog has got a strong, healthy immune system, it will recover quickly from the condition. However, a dog with an impaired or low immunity system or who is anxious & stressed will not fight the infection easily and therefore will likely suffer from a severe case of kennel cough. It is likely that every dog will contract kennel cough once in their life.


8. My Vet gave the Kennel Cough Vaccination for 6 months only. Why is this?

Some vets will give a validity of 1 year for Kennel Cough and others 6 months only. It very much depends on the vet and the type of vaccine that is given (ie injection with booster or nasal drops). It may also depend on your pets age and health. If your dog boards or attends daycare regularly it is recommended to get the vaccine every 6 months. Additionally living in an air conditioned environment, as all pets do here in the UAE, can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine after a 6-month period.


9. What will my dog or cat be doing all day when they are boarding or at Doggie Daycare?

We socialise dogs in groups so they get maximum pleasure & fun from their stay at the resort. They make friends and burn off any excess energy running & chasing after each other! We have climate controlled indoor play areas for the dogs as well as a shaded garden & an outdoor pool. Group play helps to eliminate any stress & anxiety as it keep the pets stimulated and distracted. In Kitty Village we let each cat out of their condo every day to play on our large kitty jungle. Every pet gets the ears & eyes cleaned as well as their coat brushed every morning. 

10. What time is check-in and check-out?

Check-in is between 9am and 3pm and check-out is before 12 noon. Check out can be extended to 7pm by adding Daycare. The time slots are specific for check-ins, tours etc so as to minimise disruption for our boarding guests. Their well-being, safety and security is always our main focus & priority.


11. How can I see my pet when he is staying with you?

Once your pet has checked in we email you the login credentials and links for the webcams. You should also 'Like' our Facebook page and check it often as we upload photos regularly. The cameras in the play areas can be viewed on the MobileViewer app.


12. How clean is the resort?

We take pride in keeping the resort as clean and odor free as possible. All the floors are coated with epoxy and there are no 90 degree corners in the suites so bacteria cannot be trapped. We use only high quality disinfectants & sterlilisers (Virkon, Trigene). The floors & surfaces in all suites and communal areas are cleaned several times a day. Toys and bowls are sterilised twice a day. Deeps cleans are performed on a weekly basis.


13. Is there anything else, apart from annual vaccinations, which I can do to keep my pet healthy while they are boarding?

Always make sure that you notify us of any previous illnesses your pet has had. Please make sure your pet is dewormed every 3 months. There are also some additional vaccines you can get for your pet, ie Anti-fungal & Feline Chlamydia vaccine for cats to prevent them contracting some contagious diseases. Unfortunately no amount of supervision, sanitation or personalized care by any boarding facility can prevent a pet from catching an airborne virus but we do our very best to prevent it.


14. Can my pet get sick or injured at the resort?

It is realistic to know that pets can get sick or injured whilst staying with us. This is not out of neglect or lack of care. We take every precaution to keep the facility clean, hygienic & odor free and to ensure all the guests are fully vaccinated. Most animals are asymptomatic carriers of parasites, viruses and bacteria. When their immune systems are strong they can fight them off but if they are feeling stressed & low or if they are taking medication then these bugs can attack the body. If you want a guarantee that your pet will never fall ill during their stay or pick up a bug or infection, then we cannot give this. Just like kids in school or nursery, pets staying in the vets or crowds of people in an area, germs & bugs are part of life and are passed around in any environment.

Similarly an injury can occur during play time with other pets or when moving & running around the areas but again, we have made the facility as safe & secure as possible.


15. What happens if my pet becomes sick or injured during a stay?

If your pet shows any symptoms of being ill and needing medical treatment then we will try and contact you before bringing him to the vet. If we cannot contact you then we will bring him to the vet anyway if we think it’s needed. We have 2 great veterinary clinics just 10 minutes from the resort! Please make sure that you have informed us of all your pet's medical history & conditions as well as allergies on the registration form or at check-in.


16. My pet is so thirsty when he or she comes home from a boarding visit? What is the reason for this when water is provided           in the suites and play areas?

Pets will frequently become very thirsty from the excitement and stress of seeing their family and loved ones again when they’re picked up. It’s natural and you should expect your pet to be a bit dehydrated from all the excitement once you get home. While in our care, all dogs & cats are monitored carefully for their consumption of fresh water, which is continuously checked and refreshed throughout the day.


17. Why did my pet lose weight during their stay when they were fed as per my instruction?

It is natural for a dog to lose some weight whilst boarding. Most of the weight loss is due to excitement of being with other guests and the exercise they receive in the large play areas and pool. Dogs that are mixed in play groups are getting constant activity and burning more calories than they do on a normal day at home with you. In addition, some pets are just too anxious to eat all of their food at each feeding and may also lose some weight for this reason. As for the cats, it usually takes them 2-3 days to settle in and feel comfortable enough to eat and enjoy their new surroundings. During this period they may not eat a lot.


18. I give my pet a frontline treatment at home every month; do they need to be treated again when they arrive at the                        resort?

We appreciate the fact that you treat your pet for fleas and ticks! If the application date is close to your pet's check-in, then you can always delay treatment a few days or bring it forward so we can apply it on arrival. Or else let us know as soon as it's done at home. There is no charge for Frontline application when you are supplying the pipette. 

19. Why is a Summer & Christmas booking deposit non refundable in the event of a cancellation?

These periods are in high demand and we end up turning away lots of customers and bookings. However if sufficient notice is given prior to a cancellation AND we fill the space for the same length of time, then we are happy to credit your account. This can be used for future boarding and/ or daycare within 6 months. Boarding stays that are shortened in these periods are subject to the same terms.

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