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Cats, Cats, Kitty Cats.....


Our Feline friends prefer a slightly quieter environment than their canine buddies, so we have dedicated a section of our resort entirely to them. We've named it Kitty Village!


Kitty Village overlooks our reception area so there is plenty of activity & stimulation for your cat to observe from their safe haven. Calming music is piped in to create a soothing, spa-like environment.


Each individual condo features multiple levels for play & rest, scratch posts, a comfy sleepy pod and a private ‘en-suite’ litter box.


There is ample space in every enclosure so your cat does not feel confined and the webcams allow you to check in on your cat as much as you like! All kitty condos have a connecting room option for multi cat families.


All cats are given time out of their condo every day to stretch, explore and play on the large custom built kitty jungle (or they can just discover another comfy spot to sleep in!!). 


Same family cats can either share one condo or take 2 adjoining ones to give more living space.

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Kitty Condo Rates


All prices are per night (check-in from 9am on day of arrival, check out before midday on day of departure). Check out can be extended to 7pm by adding on Daycare, if available.


Kitty Condo 95Dhs Off Peak/ 115Dhs Peak Period*



*A peak period surcharge applies to each condo booked during the peak boarding periods (ie Summer months, Christmas, Easter and Eid holidays). The surcharge is 20Dhs per condo per night. Please contact us for the exact dates. 


There is a 25% sharing discount for the second cat in the same condo.

Cats (male & female) over the age of 6 months must be neutered/ spayed.


We keep a record of the daily monitoring of your cat's health and well-being. Our experienced team of pet carers is backed up by a strong relationship with a number of local vets.


For more pricing information, including sharing prices, Click Here

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