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We have created an enticing menu of Enrichment Games & Activities for your pup to experience & enjoy during their Boarding or Daycare stay.


Providing your dog with enrichment gives them a sense of control over their environment which can help reduce or avoid stress.


These cognitive & sensory games are a great way to keep your dog entertained and learn new skills as their brains are exercised & challenged! The more you exercise your dogs' brain, the calmer they will be.

**Kindly notify us if your dog has any allergies 

Lick Mat


Smothered with peanut butter, wet food or pumpkin puree

Snuffle Mat

Hide 'n Treat


Kibble or Meat/ Fish Treats

Frozen Stuffed Kong


Peanut Butter, Kibble or Pumpkin Puree

Treat Puzzle


Kibble or Meat/ Fish Treats

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