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At Doggie Daycare, we give social dogs the opportunity to play in a pack of like minded dogs while their owners are working or away, or simply when they want their dog to enjoy a fun filled day socialising with their own kind!


Our daycare guests, along with overnight boarders, have use of 3 large indoor all weather play areas as well as a shaded garden and 2 swimming pools.


Dogs are socialised according to size & temperament and groups are always kept at a manageable number. All daycare dogs get the optimum amount of supervised play and exercise throughout the day, with periods of rest included. Rest is as important as play so that your dog doesn't get overstimulated or overtired.


Neutering of males is not mandatory, however it is strongly advised as it can affect their chances of successful mixing. Unneutered females may be taken for daycare but will not be accepted during their heat cycle or if they are due to come into season.  We do not accept any unneutered females for boarding during Peak Boarding Periods.


Daycare Rate

AED 95 per day 

(Inclusive of 5% VAT)


Daycare timings

Sunday - Friday from 7am to 7pm

* Closed on Saturday for Daycare as well as check-ins / outs.


Pick up & Drop off service available:

Click here for prices

** We offer a 50% discount on these prices for Daycare guests who are booked in at least 3 times a week for the month


Please read carefully our Entry Requirements


All dogs must be registered in advance. Click here to register your dog with us.

We have limited Daycare slots during the busy summer months as well as Christmas & Easter - advance booking required.

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