Training Packages & Prices 2019

1. Home Behavioral Assessment


Any unwanted behavior(s) need to be addressed before they become even more of a problem. If your dog has some issues that you don’t understand, let us come and assess your dog at home so we can apply the right training.


Session at Home: 420Dhs per/hr*


2. Private Obedience Training


Do you have an adult dog in need of some new or reinforced obedience training? Every dog needs a solid foundation of basic behaviors and commands. Untrained adolescent and adult dogs can become easily distracted by their environment, which is why it’s important to work on coming when called, leash-pulling and impulse-control exercises like ‘stay’, ‘leave it’, ‘wait’ and ‘sit’.


Session at Urban Tails: 375Dhs per/hr

Package at Urban Tails: 5 Hours for 1,500Dhs (1 session FREE)


Session at Home: 580Dhs per/hr

Home Package: 5 hours for 2,320Dhs (1 session FREE)


3. Puppy Consultation


If you have recently added a puppy to your family, make sure he gets the proper training from a young age. Puppies learn quickly so giving a solid foundation of proper training and care will make all the difference in providing a safe & enjoyable life for you & the new family member. House training, jumping, chewing and socialization are included in these sessions.


Session at Urban Tails: 320Dhs per/hr

Package at Urban Tails: 5 Hours for 1,280Dhs (1 session FREE)


Session at Home: 525Dhs per/hr

Home Package: 5 Hours for 2,100Dhs (1 session FREE)

4. Private Behavioral Training For Unsocial or Aggressive Dogs


If your dog displays signs of aggression with other dogs or people, they need help now. Behavioral issues arise from environmental pressures, negative experiences or the lack of training & care of a previous owner. Intensive training will help eliminate dog behavior problems such as fear (of strangers or new situations), aggression, separation anxiety, biting, excessive barking, insecurity and destructive behaviors.


Session at Urban Tails: 420Dhs per/hr

Package at Urban Tails: 5 Hours for 1,680Dhs (1 session FREE)


Session at Home: 630Dhs per/hr

Home Package: 5 Hours for 2,520Dhs (1 session FREE)


5. Owner Training For New or Concerned Dog Owners


Learn how to be a responsible dog owner. Owning a dog is a huge responsibility and not a decision to be taken lightly. Your animal’s welfare should be top priority - your dog will spend his whole life with you. He deserves your commitment to provide food, water & shelter, to nurture him and take him with you if or when you are going to leave the UAE. If this is something you are considering then talk to us!


Similarly if you already have a dog and need help using new apparel, advice or are questioning how to fulfill your obligations we can help you.


Session at Home: 525Dhs per/hr


Home Visit Locations:

Emirates Hills, JVT, JVC, Arabian Ranches, Motor City, Palm Jumeirah, JLT, Dubai Marina, Al Barsha


Home visits within Dubai, outside of the above locations: +200Dhs/hr


All dogs that attend Urban Tails must be fully vaccinated inc'l Kennel Cough. See here for the list of required vaccinations.

Get in touch to book a break for your pet. Call us +971 4 884 8847 or email

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