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  1. All dogs must be fully immunized against:

    • Rabies, DHLP/ DHLPP (First-time vaccinations must be at least 21 days old.)

    • Canine Cough - All dogs MUST also have a separate Canine Cough vaccination against Bordatella (this vaccination must be at least 10 days old before the pet comes to the resort). 

  2. I acknowledge that in addition to the diseases described above my dog may be exposed to other infectious diseases. However, in order for my dog to participate in daycare and/or boarding, I alone assume the responsibility of such exposure to all other infectious canine diseases.

  3. Spaying/ Neutering: Urban Tails reserve the right to refuse any unneutered dogs. Urban Tails will not board any unneutered female dog during peak boarding periods to prevent unnecessary stress on male boarding dogs and for obvious hygienic reasons. If a female pet is due to come into season during her stay with us, I MUST inform Urban Tails in writing in advance of her check-in date. Failure to do so may result in the dog being denied entry or an unwanted pregnancy for which Urban Tails will not take any responsibility.

  4. Urban Tails Pet Resort reserve the right to refuse any animal and no reason shall be given.

  5. A 50% deposit is payable for each and every animal booked to secure a booking. A deposit will only be refunded if notice of cancellation is given at least 4 weeks prior to the arrival date (aside from Christmas & Summer deposits- see #6). An administration fee will be deducted from any returned deposit.

  6. Christmas & Summer (June-September) deposits are non-refundable.

  7. Full payment and credit card details are taken on arrival. No refunds are given after the animal has checked into the resort.

  8. Boarding rates are charged on a calendar day basis. If my pet is not collected by 12 midday on the day of departure, I will be charged for a full days boarding.

  9. Any extension to the original booking dates made during my pet’s stay will be charged at the cost of the next available suite. If there is no space for my pet to stay on at Urban Tails then it is my responsibility to make alternative arrangements for my pet.

  10. Urban Tails Pet Resort will not be responsible for any damage or injuries caused to any of the animals staying at the resort other than as a result of the willful or negligent acts or omissions by Urban Tails Pet Resort or its employees. Although Urban Tails Pet Carers diligently watch all dogs play, I am aware that given the sometimes-unpredictable nature of dogs, an interaction could take place between animals at the facility. If such an event resulted in injury to my dog, to other dogs or to other people, I alone assume responsibility for any such injury.

  11. If veterinary attention is required, I am liable for all expenses including the transport cost to the clinic. In the event of serious illness and I cannot be contacted, the veterinary surgeons decision will be final.

  12. I am liable for any damage to my pet’s enclosure and to the beds provided by Urban Tails. Beds will be charged at 300Dhs.

  13. I acknowledge that a 200Dhs Out of Hours fee can be charged for my pets boarding check-out/check-in outside of the specified times: 9am to 3pm (or 6pm check-out if Daycare is added)

  14. Animals not collected within 7 days of the nominated date will be dealt with at Urban Tails discretion. All monies owing, including fees and costs relating to their care, shall be payable by me forthwith after receipt of Urban Tails’ advice as to the amount thereof.

  15. I acknowledge that the signing of this contract shall create a lien over the animal in favor of Urban Tails Pet Resort. This lien shall continue to exist whilst monies owe pursuant to the agreement.

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